Wills and Estate Planning

O’Connor Law has extensive experience in estate planning and one of the most experienced and qualified succession law practitioners in Cairns. A properly prepared will is essential for everyone. We assist with wills and estate planning, taking careful consideration of individual circumstances to protect family assets.

Our wills and estate planning services include:

A will is a legal document which can cover all assets in your own name. Dying without a will (called intestacy) means your assets will be distributed according to a formula set down by the laws of intestacy, which may force the sale of your home and does not provide future financial protection for your children or beneficiaries.

Estate planning is the overarching term used for making decisions in relation to preparing a will and an enduring power of attorney, which allows you to nominate how you would like to have your personal, financial and health care matters managed, should you lose capacity to make those decisions.

O’Connor Law offers clients comprehensive wills and estate planning advice and services delivered by Principal Peter O’Connor . Peter has more than 30 years’ experience across various aspects of law, including developing, documenting and executing complex estate planning documents and wills.

Our will and estate planning advice is tailored to suit your individual needs and circumstances. We will protect your assets and ensure their appropriate distribution, in accordance with your wishes, on your passing. We will listen to you to ensure you, your family and beneficiaries are protected. For more information on our wills and estate planning services, contact O’Connor Law today on (07) 4031 1211.